Spending time with my parents in Canberra

So this post is a bit late but just over a month ago, my parents came to visit us here in Canberra. This isn’t their first time here but it was basically their first official time here because they actually spent more than 1 day this time. Last year, they were here for a day and had lunch with Leo’s parents WITHOUT me haha.

We knew about their trip since last year when I first reached Canberra because my mom accidentally ruined the surprise. Anyway, it all worked out since we got a place with a spare room and could save them the money and trouble of booking a hotel or airbnb.

Initially, we thought that them being here for 2 weeks was going to be too much free time but they ended up with a packed schedule because my dad’s best friend lives here and is retired so he had heaps of time to take them out for coffee and stuff.  

I didn’t really think that I would miss my parents that much since I WhatsApp them everyday, but spending time with them really made me miss them. 

And I’m happy I made this little vlog to remember our trip :-)


Our day trip to the coast

Leo and I knew that we definitely had to bring my parents to the coast while they were here and it didn’t disappoint at all. Hyams beach was just beautiful, with the amazing white sand and clean shoreline.

We stayed overnight in Jervis Bay which is a little town with a fantastic view of the ocean and great fish and chips.

10/10 would recommend driving to the coast if you can!



We stopped in Bowral on the way back to Canberra from the coast and had an amazing pie and apple crumble at a little cafe called Girls & Boys Cafe.

We also stopped by Dirty Jane’s, which is a massive vintage warehouse. The whole space is filled with little booths and display cabinets with people’s vintage finds for sale. There was an amazing range of items like furniture, film cameras, toys, medals, jewellery and even some designer wallets.

It was truly a treasure trove and if we weren’t in a hurry to get back to Canberra, we would have definitely spent several hours wandering around marvelling at all the trinkets there.

I held off not buying everything I picked up and ooh-ed over and only left the place with the beautiful shell-shaped caviar dish.

IMG_6157 3.JPG
IMG_6138 2.JPG

Catching up with Leo’s family

Of course, we also met up with Leo’s family several times during their trip and we had dinners at an Italian place, at their family home and a chinese restaurant in Dickson on my parent’s last night in Canberra.

My parents had more alcohol than they usually do in an entire year which resulted in lots of laughs and fun.

I’m so glad everyone had a good time together and it just makes me so happy that both our families get along so well.