2018 in review

I thought I’d better get around to writing up a post about my 2018 before it got too late, since it’s already the second, (now third!!) day of 2019, omg.

2018 was a huge year for me and Leo and we couldn’t have done it without our family and friends. It was not the easiest year for me because I definitely struggled a bit when Leo went back home - because I lost my biggest pillar of support and my best friend. We began our LDR which didn’t last very long since I managed to get the work and holiday visa which allowed me to come over to Australia to work (and holiday) in the end.

Some memorable things that happened in 2018:


I’ve not won anything good in a competition or lucky draw before 2018 but as of last year, I was the lucky one to win $1000 at the company CNY dinner and I was SHOCKED!!!

Super happy and very, very shocked. Thinking back about working there is kinda bittersweet because I did have a good time working there even if I had issues with certain things, and I did like the people I worked with!

Aiyah I must stop being naive and thinking that there’ll be a perfect workplace with zero work politics, until I have my own business, I guess  🤔 


I got the biggest tattoo (so far) on my upper thigh, as a birthday present to myself and I love it! It’s got flowers and a bit of colour and Pei (@peipokes on IG) did an amazing job despite me not being appropriately dressed AT ALL. FML.

Cynthia (@cynthiafolia) also did an amazing job with the apple blossoms on my inner arm even though it hurt quite badly because it’s a more sensitive area.

Both were beautifully drawn and I love them.


Doing more yoga the past year thanks to guavapass definitely helped me to be a bit more accepting of my body. To be proud of what my body could achieve with regular classes and how much stronger and more flexible I could become!

And realizing that yoga was not as boring as when I first tried it years ago with the proper teachers and classes, really helped me to improve my mental health - to calm down and focus on other things that were more important than work and it was so good to have something to look forward to after work and during the weekends, with friends.


Leo and I went to Bangkok together and we had such fun exploring the place and eating our way through the city, especially all those amazing 7-11 toasties!! LIFE CHANGING.  


I had the honour of being a bridesmaid at the first of our friend’s weddings, even with a gatecrash in the morning too! And I say that only because I’m not sure my other friends will be doing the same when they eventually get married.

It was a long, but fabulous day that began at her house and ended with us slightly drunk at the dinner table because the lady serving our table was so nice and kept refilling our glasses with wine. But of course, that wasn’t the best part of the wedding.


The end of Leo’s contract meant that he was going back to Canberra which meant we had to begin our LDR.

But let’s be real - I got really lucky and successfully applied for the work and holiday visa soon after he left and before I knew it, I had plans to join him in Canberra after stopping work.

It couldn’t have come at a better time because I knew I wanted to try living overseas again. Plus, I had been so sick of my job and being in Singapore, so being able to leave and experience both working and living in Canberra was a great idea!

We were really blessed that Leo’s parents were willing to let us stay at their place right after I went over, while we settled down and looked for a place of our own.

Searching for a place to rent was a pain but in the end, we succeeded and we ended up with a fabulous place in Dickson with everything we need in our vicinity.

And while it’s not the first time Leo and I are living together, having a place together has been quite different. Right from the start, applying and searching for places, managing rent and utilities on top of daily expenses… it has taken quite a bit of work to be an adult!!! But I’m grateful that Leo has been as supportive as he always is and has managed the boring parts, like our utilities. Bleh.

Snapseed 2.jpg

2018 was also the year that I’ve managed to spend the most time with my other best friend who has been in the Down Under for so many years!!

We caught Spilt Milk together and a few weeks after we took the bus up to Sydney to celebrate her birthday with her. It was so nice and we had an amazing time altogether with her friends (who are now ours too!).

It’s nice that we’re finally in the same country after 6 years of being apart, even if it’s only for a year :-)


After almost 3 years together, 2018 was also the first time we’ve celebrated Christmas and New Year’s Day together! We’ve always been overseas separately for Christmas the years before and it was nice we finally could spend it together and even hosted his family’s Christmas dinner at our place, which we really enjoyed despite the stress haha

I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for me in terms of work and life and friends/family.. ANYTHING is possible at this point.

If anything, I really hope that I’ll remember to be kinder, happier and to cherish every single moment of my very lucky life. And if all else fails, I’ll read this post again to remind myself of how lucky I am.

Happy 2019 everyone :)