My first post!

Hello everyone!

And by everyone I mean Leo and my bff - because I know that they’d definitely be reading this. Leo was the one who’s been asking me to create a blog and S has been super supportive of it and has already said she hopes I get famous so she can be the bff of an.. “influencer”. NOT EVEN.

All I’m hoping for is that whoever stumbles upon this site enjoys the photos/videos I post here and it’ll give them a bit of insight to what life is like in Canberra, because I know many people blog about living in Sydney or Melbourne but I haven’t been able to find many blogs about things to do here.

So before I get into details, I’m going to start off by posting this vlog I made of my first 5 weeks here. It’s nothing super exciting, but we did spend some time viewing apartments during the weekend. And honestly this whole apartment viewing has been a PAIN but that’s a post for another time. I’m hoping to talk about the process and maybe tips if we eventually get a place l o l.

We also checked out the lake nearby on the one sunny weekend right as we were heading into Spring where it got warmer than usual. But reaching the lake, it was super windy and not warm at all!! It was still lovely and a beautiful day out where we took heaps of film photos while stalking the ducks around haha.

Enjoy the video :)